Our Founder

Slaterís Funeral Home was founded in 1911 by one of Milledgeville, Georgiaís own sons, Mr. Alonzo Slater. He was a contractor, builder, and once served as a page in the Georgia State Legislative Assembly. Upon Mr. Slaterís death in 1955, his widow Mrs. Essie Slater along with their son Richard, JR continued to operate the familyís business - Slaterís Funeral Home.

After fifty-five years of establishing Slaterís Funeral Home as a landmark for funeral service in the Milledgeville community, at the death of Mrs. Essie Slater (September 27, 1966) the funeral home closed itsí doors. Immediately realizing the need for the caliber of funeral service established by the Slater family, on November 15, 1966, a local high school principal, Mr. Joseph M Graham and local businesspersons, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd L. and Ruth Evans Griffin, SR reopened the now, Slaterís Funeral Home, Incorporated.

The new owners worked tirelessly to expand and launch their business in the traditions of the funeral service industry. Also, their goal was to continue to provide compassionate and dignified funeral services to the all of their clients.

In 1969, Mr. Joseph M. Graham passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, now licensed Funeral Directors became the sole owners of Slaterís Funeral Home, Inc. On January 22, 2005, Mr. Floyd L. Griffin, SR entered into rest and five years later, on the 28th of July, 2010, Mrs. Ruth Evans Griffin also entered into rest.

The Griffinís demise left a legacy that underlined their willingness to provide the highest quality of funeral service to persons in every walk of life. Their legacy upheld the traditions of the funeral industry bonded with the illustrious past of Slaterís Funeral Home. The Griffinís legacy highlighted their resolve to seek up-to-date and improved techniques and practices in the funeral industry, while meeting the demands of an ever changing world.

The torch was passed to the Griffin children. The Honorable Floyd L. Griffin, Jr. serves as President, Funeral Director, and Embalmer and Mrs. Delbra Griffin-Waller serves as Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Funeral Director of Slaterís Funeral Home, Incorporation.


Slater Funeral Home, Inc. celebrated 100 years (1911-2011) as a recognized landmark for funeral service in the Milledgeville community. For years, members of the community inherently knew that the best of care and attention to details for their loved onesí final arrangements were within the opened doors of Slaterís Funeral Home, Inc.

The Honorable Floyd L. Griffin, Jr. and Mrs. Delbra Griffin-Waller will continued to uphold the torch passed them never forgetting every morsel of sacrifice of their parents and the founders, honoring traditions, and engaging in the resource of the funeral industry to let the community know how much Slaterís Funeral Home, Inc cares for each families.